Oyo survey reveals Indian travel and hotel trends

30th December 2018
Oyo survey reveals Indian travel and hotel trends

Bangalore, December 30, 2018: The OYO Annual Travelopedia 2018  released this week reveales that Karnataka is the most welcoming state in India  judged by  the number of travellers and bookings received throughout the year. The national capital was the most popular for visitors all year round, however, most Delhiites recorded the maximum number of travel cancellations followed by re-bookings which made it the most confused city of 2018. The analysis also recorded that an OYO was booked every 0.75 seconds in 2018.
The data also revealed that OYO recorded a 2.9X year-on-year jump in the number of bookings with an OYO being booked in every 0.75 seconds. Interestingly, Goa was the most-searched destination for OYO.
This year’s OYO King emerged from Pune who stayed in over 239 OYO hotels and OYO Queen from Ahmedabad who stayed in 125 OYO hotels across the year. Some fascinating facts that also emerged were that a single user stayed at an OYO property for 228 maximum continuous nights while another user travelled to 4 different countries and stayed in OYO properties throughout. The most popular time to book an OYO property in 2018 was 8:00pm.

The most preferred OYO locations in Mumbai and Delhi were around the airport whereas Koramangala in Bengaluru and Salt Lake in Kolkata topped the charts.
Says Abhinav Sinha, Chief Operating Officer (COO), OYO Hotels: “We are really delighted to release OYO’s Annual Travelopedia which showcases some really unique booking and travel trends of 2018. One of the most interesting findings was that the maximum number of tourists visiting India were from the UAE. This reiterates the fact that we have been a great host to our valuable guests not just within the country but also internationally, this motivates us to constantly work towards our mission of providing great quality living spaces for our customers at affordable rates.”