Indians are inveterate social media posters when it comes to travel

04th November 2017
Indians are inveterate social media posters when it comes to travel

New Delhi, November 4  2017:  Leading travel search engine, KAYAK  has released the results of its “Travel Addicts” Survey, based on  2,100 respondents across Asia Pacific aged between 21 and  45.
What is the most important factors when planning a trip? 53% Indians see money as the most important element, even  more  than a safe environment (46%). Mobile Internet (29%) is regarded as equally important as a travel partner, followed by good weather (27%) and a comfortable accommodation (23%). Hong Kong (44%) and Taiwan (52%) travelers are the only two groups who see travel partner as the most important element during their travel.   
Most people are likely to book their trips online using their phones right before bed. India ranked highest (46%) in this regard, followed by Hong Kong (44%) and Korea (43%). Surprisingly, 45% of Indian travelers have searched or even booked their next trips when they have not even complete a trip.
Interestingly, booking a trip while working in the office is  common  in India (45%)  and in Hong Kong (48%) and Singapore (38%), but not as much in Japan (18%).  
To obtain a better deal for their travels, 62% of Indian travelers have checked flight & hotel prices daily; 61% have even opened more than 4 websites at the same time for comparison, versus Taiwan travelers at 53% and regional average at 30%.
54% of Indian travelers are have created a checklist when travelling and ensure they tick off each item before they complete their vacation. Such booking behavior is common across the region of Hong Kong (52%), Korea (52%), Japan (51%) and Singapore (47%
Says Abhijit Mishra, Country Manager, India of KAYAK: “As a leading travel search engine, we have millions of data points on what the travelers are searching for, and we can analyse the data to see how price changes affect travelers’ search habits. However, we also want to find out more about users’ overall travel-related behaviors. Not only will this help us to map our data with their behaviors, but we hope that by releasing findings from this survey will also help travelers learn more about themselves”.
Travel and social media: Among APAC travelers, Indian travelers have posted the most during and after a trip, averaging at 10 posts, while Hong Kong, Korea and Japan have posted the least, averaging at 4 posts. 24% of Australian respondents noted that they won’t even post a picture on social media, just to completely shut themselves off from the virtual world while travelling. After posting a feed, 38% of Indian travelers have checked the performance of their social media posts every few hours or more often, to keep track on “likes” and “comments”, whereas Hong Kong (44%), Australia (34%) and Singapore (38%) travelers said that they have checked once or twice a day only.
For graphic on some of these findings see here
The ‘Travel Addicts’ survey was carried out during 2 - 11 October 2017 and surveyed 2,100 respondents across 7 APAC markets, including (in alphabetical order) Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, aged between 21 and 45, who have booked hotels or flights online in the last 6 months and had been on holiday.