AI based smart assistant can boost travel & tourism sales from website

July 7, 2017: After Siri ( iPhone), Cortana( Microsoft), Alexa( Amazon) and Google Assistant,  lay Internet surfers have got used to speaking rather than typing their questions.  Now verticals like travel and tourism  are using  smart assistants to grow their business.
Brighton and London based  Active OMG  has created  an Artificial Intelligence-based app called Ami  which is fully conversational and learns on the job.  The company says website sales typically increase by 20% as result of employing Ami.  Ami can be looked upon as an "extra pair of hands , never sleeping, never tired, just getting on with the job".She comes with a fully equipped dashboard so you can control, optimise, and manage Ami to maximise your sales and customer service.
For travel agents, Ami,  can send fully qualified sales leads straight into their dashboard, where they can convert them into sales.  The same  would apply to hotel  and tourism department sitesRead about Ami herew