Avaya's Vantage communication device is ideal for hotels

05th April 2017
Avaya's Vantage communication device is ideal  for hotels

Bangalore, April 5 2017:  This is one unusual desktop communication device, looking unlike any phone you may have seen. The Avaya Vantage is an all glass 8 inch touch screen, with no visible mechanical buttons. It occupies a very small  footprint on the desk  or it can be wall mounted  with a detachable cradle  and a corded or cordless handset.
Users can fire up voice, chat, collaboration instantly through one touch connections with no unnatural breaks or pauses – eliminating the need to manage multiple devices in order to engage.
The device is the latest in collaborative communications   with an integrated video camera for face-to-face conferencing  or business related calls, operating on both wired or wireless networks  including  Bluetooth.
Avaya's BreezeTM Client SDK, a software development kit allows enterprises to customise it for any  business environment vertical  -- healthcare or hospitality suggest themselves.  In the demo of the product at its launch last month, Avaya simulated  a high-end Guest Experience  in a hotel, where  a guest can access room service, travel desk, front desk, concierge -- all in a seamless fashion, drilling down to  look at the in room dining menu, organising a day trip or booking a tour guide or a car all d from the  guest room  Vantage device.
The company did  not share a price, but the device is known to sell abroad for around $ 600.
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