Chat your way to a holiday!

22nd January 2017
Chat your way  to a holiday!

Bangalore, January 22 0217: Live chat and   artificial intelligence are the next big things in travel today.  And an Indian app  has   combined the two  with your mobile  device to offer a  compelling   online tool  to search, discover and book worldwide hotels, flights, curated itineraries and activities. 
It is called Trip Tap Toe, and  works with a global hotel inventory, from various suppliers and also from its own  direct deals with leading hotels. Similarly for flights,  TTT  claims it  gives away its  commissions as discounts to the end users  who can search, customize & book their travel and stay  as per their choice. What's more,  the  Trip Tap Toe Concierge App, on Android & iOS lets you book hotels and  flights  by  chatting  with real people -- not  recorded voices--   from your smartphone. You can negotiate bookings in real-time, personalize your airfare booking, reserve seats and web-check in, book activities like sightseeing tours or recommended restaurants -- all  on Chat. If you have an early  check-in or a room upgrade request, just chat and it will be done before you arrive.

Says Manuraj Singh Johar, Founder & CEO of Trip Tap Toe: “A potential lifesaver in any foreign location, Trip Tap Toe also recommends the best restaurants in town and suggests interesting things-to-do. Designed for both personal and corporate travel, the app saves a lot of time lost on email-exchanges. We have an army to assist users to research about a destination, the best hotel and great flight rates, all on a chat session."