Three things you need to know before you a Wi-Fi router in a child's room

16th March 2023
Three things you need to know before you  a Wi-Fi router in a child's room
Child's image: courtesy Pixabay

By Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Ltd
March 16, 2023: Mobile phones and other wireless devices like routers have become an inherent part of our personal and professional life making each and every aspect of our life seamless, be it shopping, banking, connecting virtually with colleagues and customers and also helping children study online, among other benefits.
While Wireless Technology seems to be a blessing in disguise, at the same time we can’t afford to overlook the impact of these Radiofrequency Radiations (RFR), or also commonly referred to as Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR) on health and well-being, more so, when we talk about it in the context of children.
Yes, EMR from WiFi can be potentially harmful to children. Wi-Fi Routers also emit Radio Frequency waves. Exposure to these non-ionizing Radio Frequency waves for long periods can lead to these harmful radiations penetrating the body and brain of a child much more than that of an adult, leading to serious health issues such as Autism, ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Memory loss and impact on overall brain development of the child.
Therefore, there are three things to be considered before keeping a wi-fi router in a child's room.
Firstly, it is recommended that Wi-Fi Routers should be placed 8 to 10 meters away from the child's sleeping and study area. It should ideally be placed in a common area such as a living or dining room. Secondly, it is advisable to switch off the Wi-Fi Router at night when sleeping..
These health centric solutions ensure that the harmful EMR emanating from Wi-Fi Routers is neutralized and provides protection to children and adults.
These products are very much relevant in present times. The World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has also classified radiofrequency radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic’ in 2011.
Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation can be classified as 1) Thermal Effects and 2) Non-Thermal Effects.
The thermal effects are caused due to the heat that is generated due to the absorption of radiation. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value has been fixed and specified for mobile phones to limit the thermal effects. However, more research is going on to study the Non-Thermal effects of these radiations which are far more harmful than the Thermal effects.
The Non-Thermal effects may range from buzzing and tingling sensation near the head, fatigue, heart palpitations, lack of concentration, nausea, dizziness, delayed reaction time, sleep disturbance, loss of memory, headache, effect on heart and brain etc.
According to an article published in the National Library of Medicine, 18 epidemiological studies provided evidence that EMFs from cell/mobile phones can produce neuropsychiatric effects including headache, memory changes, and EEG changes.
A recent study published in Frontier in Neuroscience found that there was increased activity in the theta, alpha, beta and gamma bands during EMF exposure. The study concluded that EMF exposure can impair human health, performance, cognitive function and brain activity.
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