Technology is the game changer in employee background verification

23rd February 2022
Technology is  the game changer in employee background verification

By Amit Singh, Senior Vice President & Head, Commercial, FirstAdvantage
February 23, 2022: If there’s anything this pandemic has taught businesses worldwide, it’s to go digital. Employee background screening industry too has shed the conventional manual and paper-driven process and leveraged on technology today to conduct verifications.
Background verification in India has largely being dependent upon accessing a lot of information present in physical state at government departments and institutions. However, the digital India program launched by the Prime Minister of India in 2020 has helped immensely since it has made access to public records easier digitally.
Large companies have started digitizing their databases, hence access to experience certificates and records of previous employers have become easier and more accessible. All these are helping background verification firms in expediting the verification process. 
In the near future too, background screening firms must increasingly depend on technology for their day-to-day operations. Various cutting-edge technologies are being deployed to disrupt the background screening industry to make the verification process effective, accurate and faster.
Emerging technologies
These are a few emerging technologies that can help background screening firms:
AI and Machine Learning: With AI, large volumes of data can be handled with ease and can be analysed with better accuracy than manual methodologies. AI can do a analysis, produce detailed reports and give meaningful insights by connecting varied data elements in just minutes which can result in huge savings in time. A lot of data intelligence companies in India are working on AI and Machine Learning platforms to enable background screening firms to deliver faster with more accurate results which will in turn help companies make effective hiring decisions.
Biometrics and access control: Biometric technology such as face scan/fingerprint scans can be deployed for comparing the candidate’s ID to ensure he/she is scanning their own identity document. In addition, AI enabled identity proofing technology can verify if the identity document is valid. Access control technology and enhanced firewall ensure data security and privacy.
These technology innovations if adopted soon can drastically alter the landscape of the background verification industry as they will reduce human errors, improve employee onboarding experience and help companies hire candidates faster.
First Advantage is a leading background verification firm headquartered in the US, with its global operating centre in  the International Tech Park, Bangalore.