RCS: the next generation of text

02nd September 2020
RCS: the next generation of text

( From a blog at m-Gage)
Haley Iacuele 
September 2 2020: Consumers are spending more time on their phones, especially amid the pandemic. Cell phones are being used for everything from staying connected with family members to keeping up with coworkers. Consumers expect their favorite brands to keep up. 75% of consumers say they prefer to receive promotions via text message rather than seeing ads while browsing the Internet and social media channels [1].
Consumers are ready for the next generation in text messaging. When customers feel connected to brands, more than half of consumers will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from them over a competitor [2]. RCS enables you to text with customers and prospects in ways that were not previously possible, including starting conversations through suggested responses, polls and interactive content. In addition, RCS enables much more robust reporting with analytics that are more similar to web or email reporting. For brands, this means that the time to start implementing RCS into their communication strategy is now.
What is RCS?
RCS (Rich Communications Service) takes traditional SMS technology to incredible new levels, enabling enhanced two-way conversations with your customers.  RCS including features like:

  • Verified sender
  • Rich media
  • Custom branding
  • Interactive features like call-to-action buttons and suggested responses
  • Analytics including open rates, delivery rates, and more

This isn’t just evolutionary; it’s revolutionary. You can make personalized connections with consumers by using robust visuals such as carousel ads, with written content far beyond current character limits. By enabling suggested responses, RCS turns texting into a two-way conversation with your customers. Best of all, you receive better insights on when messages are sent, delivered, and read.
How can companies in almost any industry use RCS to take customer outreach, service and retention to attention-getting new levels? Picture this:
RCS For Marketing

  • Feature on-sale items
  • Create a quick-purchase digital catalog
  • Make it easier for customers to redeem coupons using dynamic QR codes
  • Create in-store appointments
  • Streamline the usability (and visual appeal) of location searches

RCS For Customer Service

  • Troubleshoot basic customer care issues
  • Provide one-touch answers to frequently asked questions
  • Schedule appointments and send appointment reminders and provide a convenient way to reschedule
  • Track a service technician’s location in real-time to know when they will arrive

RCS For Operations

  • Verified sender and branding provides security assurance for sensitive issues
  • Easy user replies for time-sensitive issues
  • Track outages in real-time and alert customers when service is restored
  • Receive account updates, security alerts, notifications and statements instantly

RCS is rapidly changing the way businesses communicate with consumers through text messaging – a medium that people already use every day. Here at mGage, we are live with RCS across all major US carriers and are ready to help your brand take your business messaging to the next level.

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