ERP can help manage fruit & veg farming

FarmERP, a leading smart agriculture management ERP software platform suggests  how ERP can manage global pressures on the fresh fruit & vegetable sector
April28 2020: The fresh fruit & vegetable sector is rapidly making a move towards implementing end-to-end technology solutions such as ERP software, to improve productivity and profitability of the business. Increasing the use of ERP solutions in the fresh fruit & vegetable sector has been mainly driven by the rise in global pressures that have triggered the need for maintaining the quality of the fresh produce. In the coming years, advancements in technology are expected to enable fresh fruit & vegetable farmers to achieve high levels of transparency and traceability, which will ultimately link businesses to amplified productivity and profits.
In the last decade, industrialization in the agricultural industry has grown to a new height, bringing in ample changes in the way the industry is operated. Farms are heading towards development through technologically advanced factories to enhance the productivity and profitability of their businesses. Especially with the rising global pressures on the fresh fruit & vegetable sector, which mainly highlight agricultural sustainability, climate resilience, food safety, and traceability, the need for technological assistance is magnifying among stakeholders in this landscape.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms are ubiquitous across most industrial areas, and the ERP technology is making a successful foray into the fresh fruit & vegetable sector as well. While fresh produce farming continues to face challenges such as increasing costs, reducing prices, stringent regulations and scarcer resources, an ERP platform for farmers can help in dealing with these as well as the aforementioned global issues as well.
Leading agribusinesses in the fresh fruit & vegetable industry are adopting a transformative approach that involves technological investments, to deal with global as well as miscellaneous agricultural issues.
Achieving Sustainability with ERP in fresh fruit & vegetable farming|
The agricultural industry accounts for more than 70% of the global water consumption and nearly 11% of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions today. This is triggering high levels of awareness about the potential impacts of farming activities on the environment across the fresh fruit & vegetable sector. Leading businesses in these sectors are taking to farm management software to assess the environmental impact of their farming activities. ERP for agricultural businesses is emerging as an apt solution for growers as well as contract farmers to meet safe environmental standards. This will provide them with assistance to implement sustainable agriculture practices.
Ensuring high-quality produce through farm management software
ERP for agricultural businesses is emerging as an apt solution for growers as well as contract farmers to meet higher standards for food quality and safety. Agribusiness software solutions in the form of an ERP platform can provide complete assistance to fresh fruit & vegetable farmers to implement good agricultural practices (GAP). Furthermore, organic farming software in the form of ERP is also being used by several leading stakeholders in the fresh fruit & vegetable sector to ensure the supply of residue-free and safe to consume products.
Making fresh fruit & vegetable farms climate resilient
The unpredictability of the weather is one of the most critical challenges faced by the entire agricultural industry, and the need for farm management software or ERP platforms that can offer intelligent insights on climate has been amplified in the last few years. The fresh fruit & vegetable sector is enabling actions to make their farming operations climate-resilient.|
Providing traceable fresh produce through agriculture management software
Traceability of fresh fruits & vegetables that reach the global market always depends on tools, which are integrated with transformative technologies such as blockchain. As traceability builds the foundation to a wide range of challenges that today’s fresh fruit & vegetables sector faces, farm management systems can be leveraged to offer consumers the complete traceability of fresh produce. This, in turn, enhances transparency and builds a sense of trust.