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How technology propelled online mobile gaming in smartphones

Online gaming has now changed our living rooms into virtual tennis courts and conference rooms into high-tech gaming centres. 
By Santosh Singh
National Sales Head, VOTO India*
December 23 2018: The telecom industry has seen one of the major transformations in technology in recent years. The last decade has witnessed the enormous rise of online mobile gaming with the introduction of new innovative games almost every fortnight. In the earlier days, the interface of the games used to be simple but difficult to access; but the modern games leverage over the new and smart technologies like smartphones, laptops and tablets.
n terms of graphics, operations, technology & content the modern day games targets a much broader audience, which can be experienced through tremendous acceptance of the same from all age groups.
Online mobile gaming started getting popular in the early 1990s when the games used to be basic, not much interactive and needed no brainstorming. But they become interactive when multi players  became involved using puzzles and other interesting features whereas the flash games continued to remain popular in their own segment. However, continuously upgraded technology has given a push to the online mobile gaming alongwith several other factors including refined markets, more funding sources and static status of gaming among large developers.
Holistic Approach
The earlier mobile games were used only for tSOS measures, because of the average interface and limited applications. But as the time passing by, the interface become more exhaustive and the creators understood the requirement of enhanced applications alongwith user friendly interface. Hence, with the introduction of multimedia games, the interactive games and story-block games were presented in the smart feature phones of today. These mobile games turned out to extremely popular with  time.
In the beginning of 2000,  the potential of entertainment and growth in latest technology has prompted leverage the development of advanced games. However, as for the future, there stands a challenge for the conceptualisers, developers and designers to make the decades-old graphics and mechanics look cutting edge in sync with the modern games.
The latest craze for mobile games has gained popularity with the launch of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) in 2017 whose more than 50 million copies has been sold across various platforms. With the increase in the sale of smartphones, this game has picked up big time. PUBG allows the players to compete against other players in every corner of the world and even interact with them simultaneously.
According to Groupe Speciale, India’s total mobile market has crossed 340 million smartphone users. In 2017, the Indian online mobile gaming market made a total of $338.4 million and expected to hit $1.1 billion in revenues by 2021 as per a report by Frost & Sullivan.
Upgradation in digital landscape:|
Since the 1990s, mobiles have gone from features to smart, developing from a cell phone technology to a gadget capable of handling all important tasks of the day alongside other important communication effortlessly.
Then the launch of the new generation touchscreen phones changed the entire perception of usage of the keypad phones. That finally brought an easy-to-use communication tool for everyone, emphasising on its smart entertainment features as well as its capability as a multipurpose mobile phone. With this innovation and introduction of newer phones the enormous possibilities of new game development quickly outnumbered the traditional games. Pertaining to the dispersion, rather than being amongst a small group of people into a living room TV set, online mobile games hurdled and very quickly managed to get a space between meetings, road trips or commutes; thanks to the high level of internet accessibility and portability.
Decrease in prices
The smartphone became a new communication mechanism that saved manufacturers’ significant amount of money. Unlike older days, where packaging games on CDs for physical distribution was a cumbersome affair, today the modern games could be downloaded easily in the mobile through Wi-Fi networks from anywhere and everywhere. The ease of distribution led to an impressive decrease in cost and motivates everyone simply to play the games.
The reduction in the cost of producing is also another reason of increasing demand for online mobile gaming. Modern time mobile games are poised with detailed cinematic graphics, real-time characters that usually draw a large number of audience and improvised mechanics wherein the mobile games requires some additional codes for speeding up the execution times. Hence, this is the reason for the easier entry into the world of mobile phones, allowing the market to grow exponentially.
Today, technology enables millions around the world to enjoy online gaming as a shared activity. Transforming with more immersive and experiential, online gaming have now changed the living rooms into virtual tennis courts and conference rooms into high-tech gaming centres. Due to the affordability and easy accessibility of funding it further ensure that the mobile industry remains fluid, ever changing in line of thoughts and according to the demands of the consumers.
*Voto is a leading Chines smartphone  manufacturer