Navigate the Jargon jungle!

Vagator, Goa: The new  era of  Intent-based  networking, signposted  by Cisco, is throwing up  some bizarre new buzzwords.
Here a  cheat sheet to the new jargon that was bandied about  by analysts and  company  execs in Goa last week at the annual Cisco summit. Cram up for that next job interview!

Context -aware computing:  A class   of (mostly) mobile systems that can sense their physical environment and behave accordingly:  for example, a tablet computer switching the screen from portrait to landscape,  with the user’s current orientation or  switching on the back-light of the phone when used in the dark.

Chaos monkey:  Intentionally disabling computers to test how remaining systems respond to the outage. Chaos Monkey is now part of a larger suite of tools called the Simian Army designed to simulate and test responses to various system failures.  It was first used by Netflix in 2011.  

Artificial stupidity: It is a  derogatory  reference to the inability of an Artificial Intelligence program to adequately perform basic tasks. Alternately it refers to a technique of deliberately dumbing down computer programmes  in order to introduce errors in their responses.

Dynamic tiering:  The old hierarchical   power structures in many tech companies are giving way to  a number of  collaborative groups, interacting with each other -- ie you now work for multiple bosses, and  even these may change all the time!

Identity commerce: Blame this on  the increasing availability of tools like Aadhaar!  Adding ID  verification to e-commerce sites helps to protect them against  fraudulent transactions. ANAND PARTHASARATHY, July 1, 2018