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Need to get ERP customization right!

Kunal Singhal, Founder & MD EazyERP suggests why over customization  of ERP can be bad
November 19 2016: When we talk about ERP getting practiced in a Small Business environment, it becomes very crucial to analyze and plan for the customization of the ERP solution. Customization of ERP solution is the most important element and it is also the most delicate part of this entire game.
Often, organizations struggle in the ERP implementation specifically on this point. However, in other words problems occur when too much of customization gets implemented. So, a right degree of customization is needed.
This is where experts and a scalable solution comes into the picture. ERP modules are highly customizable but the organization or specifically speaking the IT department of that organization must explore overall cost of the customization.
However, ‘not-required’ customization can lead to some common problems such as:
Problems during implementation: 
Many horror stories regarding ERP implementation failures largely attributed to over-customization of ERP systems, so it’s only natural that they would err on the side of “no customization” to mitigate the associated risks.
Customization is a hard nut to crack and managing the right blend of customization is the way forward. The common symptoms of overdoes of ERP customization can lead to an unwanted increase in budget and can be a symptom of employees’ refusing to change their business processes, so customization is a very valid concern.
Most concerning aspect of customization is about sending your organization down a path of relying less proven and tested off-the-shelf software functionality and relying more on unproven functionality. This usually becomes a challenge in the board rooms.
The deeper you go in the customization, it becomes more costlier and timelines also struggle.
Problems after implementation:
Even if you are able to successfully navigate the implementation risks associated with customization, it can create more problems later on after implementation. Upgrades can become difficult since the code often needs to be rewritten to support newer versions of the software, which often leads organizations to defer upgrades – sometimes indefinitely.
So everything has to be designed considering the growth roadmap of the organization and for such achievement, the only strategy works is – Keep it simple.
The Solution
Yes, the right solution must have to be simple. And the parameter of such simplicity is easy and quick deployment.   
However, the organization must have to safeguard itself from most likely scalable issues such as updates by ensuring a strong and long term SLA (Service Level Agreement). Moreover, cloud based models have solved such problems in a fantastic way.
At Eazy ERP we understand common ERP implementation problems and also understand sector specific scenarios. Such understanding helped us in coming up with a solution which can be implemented with a right blend of customization. More importantly, we take the ownership of implementation as well; this allows us to take active part in the implementation of the ERP at our customer’s premise.  
Although there is no clear answer on the issue of customization but in simple words there has to be very compelling reasons on both sides for customization.