Don't let your phone raise your BP!

16th May 2016
Don't let your phone raise your BP!

May 17 is World Hypertension Day.
Every great invention comes with a drawback. Mobile phones, considered a boon for mankind, and more of a necessity isn’t spared either. Research has shown that excessive mobile phone usage can  increase  blood pressure.
Dr Vaijnath Dhapse, Consultant,  Internal Medicine,  Park Hospital Faridabad,   discusses some common phone-related aggravations -- and what you can  do to  tackle them.

Problem- Phone conversations aren’t always very happy and the conversations involving stress ends up in increasing your blood pressure by the time you hang up. There are people who even throw their phones and end up breaking it.
Solution- Avoid calls that might upset you, and hang up before the conversation becomes ugly. You cannot avoid the bad situation, but you can always avoid increasing your blood pressure if you stay around people who might provide you a solution to it.

Problem - It is not only the telephonic conversations that might lead to increased blood pressure, people these days have smart phones and use apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc to talk to people. The textual conversation can also be stressful and increase your blood pressure.
Solution- Textual conversation is often confusing and there are a lot of times when the actual meaning is not interpreted the right way. Try to have face to face conversations as much as possible.

Problem- The effects of texting are less as compared to the telephonic conversations. Taking a call can cause immediate increase in the blood pressure levels. However, the hypertension patients who get more than 30 calls a day often become immune to the fluctuating blood pressure.
Solution- Make sure your ringtone is not very loud, because the blood pressure level increases suddenly especially when the volume is very loud.

Problem- People these days are also very much attached to their cell phones, and they experience a fluctuation in blood pressure if they realize that their phone is missing, even if its a fake alarm. The thought of losing the important data also scares them, which further increases the BP.
Solution- Decide a place for your phone, and always keep it there, so that you find it there. Instead of panicking, call on the phone, and you will find it for sure. Always keep a backup for all your data, so that you do not lose data even if you misplace your phone.
May 16 2016