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IT and the Olympics… lessons to take away for the Infotech community

The just-completed Olympics saw an unprecedented deployment of Information Technology tools and solutions by individual nations as well as by the organizers and their service providers. 
We share belowlinks to articles highlighting some of the lessons learnt – and what we hope will be both stimulus and challenge for India’s innovative tech players and solutions providers, who may eye the opportunity held out by upcoming global sporting events.  
We have also linked the Official document on Technology at the London Olympics.

From 8 IT lessons learned from 2012 Olympics By Anthony Brandon, former IT manager at a Fortune 100 company who now writes about technology.
The 2012 London Olympics weren't just about athletic prowess. This year's games saw more data leave Olympic Park and move around the world than ever before. The applications, infrastructure and technical know-how required to pull this off offers valuable lessons for CIOs as they plan IT projects.
The eight IT lessons listed can help you improve services in your data center or beef up just-in-time network monitoring.  
London 2012 Olympics: Hidden Technology You Probably Don’t Know By Singyin Lee. Web 2.0
This post is about the technology used in the Olympic games themselves, the ones that help give you the best view of each dive, jump and fall, and help keep technicalities and results in check    
The Australian: Business gets the gold By Tim Harcourt 
A South Australian company, FCT Flames, created the amazing cauldron and 204 small flames that made up the spectacular Olympic flame, highlighted at the opening and closing ceremonies.  
Official document: Olympics 2012: Technology: