Transcend 64 GB USB flash drive and memory card

Transcend Information has brought the company’s first 64 GBSDXC memory card to India. The Transcend Ultimate 64 GB SDXC can support individual files larger than 4 GB and can be used for recording full High Definition video content, ie full 1920x1080 content at sporting or other fast motion events, without lag. The format suits most digital SLR cameras and camcorders and is useful for dumping Bluray movies. It costs Rs 11,220.

Transcend has also launched in India, a 64 GB moldel in its UltraSpeed series USB Flash thumb drive. The JetFlash 600 USB drive promises read speeds of up to 32 MB per second and write speeds of 18 MBPS. It costs Rs 10,850. Also available is JetFlash 620 which is bundled with the company’s SecureDrive software for creating a password protected area on the drive.

Link to Transcend India site: 

Nov 29 2010