Wear your health checker!

08th April 2023
Wear your health checker!

World Health Day special
April 8, 2023:The Covid years pushed many people into monitoring their own health to the extent possible: and in a canny response to this opportunity, the wearable device industry has built basic health parameter checks into almost every smartwatch now in the market – with varying degrees of functionality.
It is no longer news that a smart watch has sensors for monitoring pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, even some elementary form of ECG. Such devices let joggers and exercisers, keep track of their exertions, even their sleep.   The Amazfit GTS2, Apple Watch series 6, Fitbit Versa 3, Garmin Venu Sq,  , Playfit Slim and  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 are  current models with  health-assessing  capability.
No, the news this World Health Day 2023, is how many purely Indian brands are into the wearables device niche – and how they have opened up a vast entry-level market for customers with modest means, by their aggressive pricing.
One of the most recent, that’s has come to our notice, is Delhi-based Tempt India which   specializes in wearables, chargers and Bluetooth audio devices. Its range of four smart watches has been heavily discounted and the best of the lot, is the Tempt Edge Pro, a Bluetooth calling watch with a  large 1.51 inch AmoLED display device with an interesting rotating button to change the menu options. 
It monitors heart rate and SpO2 (blood oxygen levels) and   tracks all stages of sleep.
A blood pressure measuring sensor would have been useful to complete the basic health parameters – but at the current price of Rs 4999, this is still a useful and affordable addition to one’s self-health-check arsenal.
The ability to keep tabs on one’s basic wellness parameters – and to share critical parameters, particularly related to  cardiac conditions (BP, ECG) with one’s doctor--  is possibly the single biggest advance in  patient care since the pandemic.

This item formed part of a longer World Health Day feature at Swarajyamag