Truke TWS Bluetooth earbuds are good value at 2 price points

05th December 2020
Truke  TWS Bluetooth earbuds are good value at 2 price points

The latest Truke True Wireless Stereo ear buds live up to the high standards the company has set itself
Anand Parthasarathy
Bangalore December 5 2020:       Truke is a respected brand for audio devices, brought to India by Eccentric Enterprises, Mumbai. Most recently they have launched  2 models of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds  and while on has the advantage of compelling price, the other offers much longer talk/hearing time and the smart assistant feature.
The Truke Fit Buds are    very light  -- in weight ( 45 grams) and on purse ( Rs 799 discounted from Rs 1499)  , yet they come with the long stem which many users  prefer since it makes it  easy to locate the controls. It comes with a 500 mAh battery in the case and takes only around 3 hrs for a full charge. The  10 mm drivers   ensure good deep bass.       Paring to a mobile phone or music player is easy and so is taking calls on the ear buds.  Link for buying Trule Fit Buds at Amazon
 The Truke Fit Pro Power  offer two advantages  over the Fit Buds – a much larger battery in the case – 2000 mAh – and 40 mAh on the buds, which are in the currently fashionable dolphin  shaped  design. Another plus point is the ability to sync to a smart voice assistant – Siri on iPHones and Google Voice Assistant on Android phones.  The Fit Pro also offers a feature I have rarely seen in wireless ear buds – an LED display on the case to indicate battery charging status. All in all, very good  ‘sound’ value   (literally!) for the discounted price of Rs 1299 against the Rs 3999 MRP.         
Depending on your budget either will make a great audio companion for those who do their music listening while on the move.
Link for buying   Truke Fit Pro Power  at Amazon