Riversong Wave S: Track your health today!

The latest fitness band from from Riversong measures three important health indicators for these Covid times

Anand Parthasarathy

August 28 2020: Health tracking smart watches have created a crowded field. Even at the affordable end, there are multiple options and I have sometimes struggled to find something new or different in some of the models I have reviewed this year.

I had no such difficulty with the latest fitness band from Riversong: the Wave S.  And here’s why:

All health bands measure steps, calories, distance and sleep patterns. They also sync with one’s phone to get alerts of incoming calls and   control a music player.

Most health bands also   measure the wearer’s heart rate – an important parameter when exercising. Some also measure blood pressure, which is very useful for elderly or middle-aged users who need to ensure they don’t overdo their jogging or gym-ing. 

But one other body measurement has suddenly assumed a new importance: The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown light on dissolved oxygen as an important indicator of potentially testing positive to the virus.  Many elderly persons have the apparatus to self -check, temperature, blood sugar, BP and pulse rate at home. But oxygen levels? That’s a new one. Suddenly people are being advised to invest in a pulse oximeter as well.  They measure your oxygen level when you enter shops and restaurants these days in addition to taking your temperature.  Levels below 95% are a no go.

So I am thrilled to find that the Wave S, has a mode to measure one’s dissolved oxygen level, in addition to pulse rate and blood pressure.   That alone would make the asking price of Rs  2999 well worth your while, but on Amazon today, it is selling for Rs1448.

 The TFT colour display is almost an inch in size and the 90mAh battery is good for almost a week on a full charge.  There is a stop watch mode and an alarm set, syncing to a phone is fairly simple and though the USB charging connector is well hidden, the instruction sheet shows how to pull the watch apart to find it.  A sound value at any time, but the trio of health diagnostic tools makes the Riversong Wave S a compelling product right now.