Epson EB-450wi Interactive projector: Electronic white board without the board

17th July 2010
Epson EB-450wi Interactive projector: Electronic white board without the board

If electronic white boards seemed like tomorrow’s technology, get set to experience something from the day after tomorrow: Japan-headquartered imaging leader Epson,has just released in India, a new ultra short throw interactive projector that provides all the online, Web-centered functionality of an electronic white board – without a white board: any white space on the wall will do.
The Epson EB-450wi is designed to be fixed high up on the wall of a classroom say, and its very short focal length projects a five-foot diagonal image on to the surface immediately below. When connected to a laptop or desktop PC, it brings full browser functionality to the image – and its own library of interactive tools which include a digital infrared pen which can ‘write’ in various line thicknesses and colours using ‘virtual ink’. Built in 10-W speakers allow smooth integration with video, powerpoint and other presentation tools.
Harnessing Epson’s 3-LCD projection technology the EB-450wi has a native resolution of 1280 by 800 (WXGA) and the lamp is rated for between 2500 and 3500 hours.
Targeted at the educational and corporate presentation market, the EB-450wi is also being suggested for home entertainment customers who would like to selectively switch from their TV screens to a larger display format to view live events or movies. At the Indian price of Rs 1,86,000 it is not exactly cheap for this last application – but it seems likely to give electronic white boards a run for their money.
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July 18 2010