Prestige CleanHome fruit and vegetable cleaner works with ozone

02nd June 2020
Prestige CleanHome fruit and vegetable cleaner  works with ozone

June 2 2020: Recently launched Prestige CleanHome’s fruit and vegetable cleaner, is gadget that works on ozone purification technology and removes bacteria, fungi, residual pesticides and insecticides from fruits and vegetables. Best of all, it retains the nutritional value while simultaneously purifying food.
The fruits and vegetables are first thoroughly washed in running water and then immersed in a large bowl full of water. The fruit and vegetable cleaner is plugged in, whilst the air-stone pipe is immersed in the bowl. The gadget is then preset for anytime between 10 to 30 minutes. The high voltage electricity generates ozones to kill harmful germs and chemicals.
The cleaner can also be used for purifying lentils, meat and seafood. The gadget restores flavor and taste to the food, whilst extending its shelf life. The sleek and modern design makes it easily mountable on a wall and can also be placed on a counter. The cleaner is portable and maintenance free, thus ensuring convenience and ease-of-use.
 The Prestige CleanHome fruit and vegetable cleaner retails for Rs  4,695 and is available at leading dealer outlets, Prestige Xclusive stores and major online portals. 
( This is based on manufacturer information and is not a formal product review by IndiaTechnline)