Pennline Deskmo: charger-cum mousepad

Wirelessly charge your phone,  while making that video call

Bangalore, November 4 2019: In this business of computing accessories, we have seen some strange combos -- but a portable  mouse pad that is also a wireless charger. That is a new one on us!  William Penn  best known as distributors of premium writing instruments  have brought the Pennline Deskmo  wireless charging mousepad to India.

In its core function this is a leather covered  lightweight  mouse pad for laptop users who are not comfortable   with the built-in track-pad. The pad has a hinged  upright portion resting on a magnetic stand that is the real deal breaker for this device. Encased with dual inductive coils, it functions as a wireless charger for your phone which   can lean on it  any way you like, upright or sideways.  Most  high end phones are ready for wireless charging. If yours is an older or cheaper model, you can still exploit the charging feature by  buying separately and pasting a  Qi charging  receiver on  the back of your phone.

The Deskmo  offers a 10 Watt charger so it will make short shrift of the charging time for most phones. And yes, the  phone's position is convenient to make a video call, while it is charging -- a  bonus feature of this cool tool that is available for Rs 2200 from the site.  ANAND PARTHASARATHY