Tagg Zero G: Audio bud-dy

Tagg ZeroG is a  sleek earbud with decent noise cancelling

Bangalore, September 23 2019: When it comes to  the gamut of  audio listening devices from over the ears  headphones to sleeker earphones,   earbuds are emerging as the flavour of 2019.  Not just marvels of miniaturization, they overcome the main hassle of   in-ear pieces: their tendency to slip off. I have been trying out my second pair of earbuds this year -- ZeroG from Tagg -- and the category seems to be evolving with almost Darwinian precision.

Like all buds, the ZeroG comes in a box with doubles as a charger. I liked the little touch:  when you snap open the lid,   1-4 green LEDS   spring up to show you how much charge is left. Another evolutionary touch, the buds  are the end of a short stem which houses the   microphone.  All the controls:   pause, play,  call in, out, etc  are achieved by either tapping or  holding either the left or right bud. It takes some remembering -- then it's a cinch.  Each earbud weighs  just 7 grams but houses  a 40 mAh battery that is good for about 5 hours of listening. It syncs to your phone with the latest Bluetooth standard  and I also liked  the  effect of the  latest version of   Qualcomm's passive noise cancelling technology, cVc 8.0  which damps out much of the ambient noise, making for  a more private listening experience. It sells for Rs 4999.  ANAND PARTHASARATHY