Realme 5 series: Shiny outside, rugged inside

September 10 2019: The recently-launched Realme 5 series in India happens to be the first one from the brand to feature a quad camera setup, including a  massive 48 MP clicker, an 8 MP wide angle lens, and a 2 MP ultra macro lens. All four lenses are tastefully housed in a compact pill-sized module that sits cosily at the top left corner of the back panel, with the primary lens having a little golden halo around it. This design language is classy but youthful, something that the new-age smart phone buyer would kill for.

On the inside, the devices are powered by the Snapdragon 712 and 665 chipsets respectively, with 5000 mAh batteries, and AI-powered innovations for better camera, image processing, and power management. Realme claims that the design teams have achieved the diamond cut texture design after 133 rounds of fine component grinding.

Available in blue purple and green, the Realme 5 series of devices are priced starting at  Rs. 9,999  and vary depending  on memory specs.