G-Shock GA 2000: tough timekeeper

09th September 2019
G-Shock GA 2000: tough timekeeper

Casio stills swears by the conventional watch --  but makes it as tough as they come
September 9 2019: Many  millennials make a heretic comment these days: Who needs a  watch?  If they do wear something on the wrist, it is a  health tracker that  incidentally,   shows the time, while syncing with a smart phone.
But there are enough diehard  fans of  wrist-worn  time keepers,  for Casio to keep turning them out in interesting new forms.  The G-Shock series, as the name suggests, are made to a beating or two in the hands of rugged outdoor-type users.  The recent  G-Shock GA 2000 series comes encased in tough  carbon fibre reinforced resin and  is  water proof to a depth of 200 metres. 
Other  features to woo the footloose wanderer are:  a  48-city  time display,  stopwatch and countdown timer  and  accuracy to a hundredth of a second.  This is horology at its best  -- an art that   the Japanese  are  steadily wresting from the Swiss. And  yes, they still believe in analogue hour and minute hands! Three models of GA 2000 are available and  are priced between Rs 8,995 and Rs 10,995 at all Casio outlets.   Timekeeping toughies, all.
Anand Parthasarathy