Sony Bravia Master TV series brings 4K OLED and voice

05th August 2019
Sony Bravia Master TV series brings 4K OLED and voice

The flagship Master TV from Sony reproduces smart content as intended by the creator

August 5 2019: Historically, Sony has been a company which has  created top-of-the-line products, often costing more, for those who don't mind paying extra  to get  the best-in-class, into their living rooms. The  brand has become the BMW of home entertainment, where both picture and sound quality can be  taken for granted. The company  was one of the first to smarten up its flagship TVs with artificial intelligence, for better user experience.
The newly launched Sony Bravia A9G 4K HDR OLED is the first TV in the country that you can 'talk' to as you would with a person. While  other TVs are smart enough to understand voice commends if spoken into the remote, the Bravia A9G doesn't need  this interface. So you can basically step into your room, command your TV to wake up from sleep mode, and play your favourite content. Thanks to integration with Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay2, and Amazon Alexa, you can  dispense with any smart assistant. Your TV can now control your home lighting, do your web searches and everything else your voice assistant does. All of this is possible because of Sony's X1 Ultimate picture processor, which intelligently scales up content from SD to HD and HD to 4K, and provides enhanced colour contrast levels to recreate colours the way content creators conceived them. With Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, the TV reproduces the sounds as though it is coming from the character and not from behind the screen.
The  One Slate design makes the Bravia A9G super thin, and the distance between the wall and the TV panel is so minimal that it is able to provide a floating design, which seamlessly blends images on the screen with the wall behind. The new range of Bravia   TVs are available in 65 inches (Rs. 3,19,990 onwards) and 55 inches (Rs. 2,19,990 onwards).  VISHNU ANAND