Nokia 4.2: Vanilla with nuts on top

May 13 2019: Vanilla because it is one of the finest Android One devices this year, and nuts because of the Nordic engineering, design and spec mix . The Nokia 4.2 is the first device to premiere a separate button to access Google Assistant : A single click to access the assistant, double click to receive a virtual snapshot of your day with AI-driven suggestions, and long press to  activates a 'walkie-talkie mode' that lets you provide long sentence voice commands.

Design-wise, like most  Nokia devices, the 4.2 comes with glass on the front and back. This time, Nokia has chosen to go with a sculpted design , where the rear panel is tastefully aligned with all the buttons and the brand logo. The camera lenses are placed one below the other, followed by the AI-enabled biometric fingerprint sensor, followed by the logo.  Being just  8.4mm thick  makes it easy to operate with one hand. Powered by a 3000 mAh battery, the Nokia 4.2 comes in a 13 MP + 2 MP dual rear camera and a 8 MP selfie camera. Both leverage machine learning and  AI algorithms for sharpness, depth sensing, integration with Google Lens, and superior Bokeh performance. Powered by the Snapdragon 439 mobile platform, the device  borrows from Qualcomm as well as Google to create one of the finest AI smart phones in its range. Being part of the Android One program, users are guaranteed  a pure Android experience as well as updates to the next two Android versions. All of this at Rs. 10,990 makes the Nokia 4.2 (3 GB + 32 GB) a device that  should redefine the 10K market in India.  VISHNU ANAND