Portable speakers from JBL and Blaupunkt offer music on-the-go

06th May 2019
 Portable speakers  from JBL and Blaupunkt offer music on-the-go
Bluetooth for music on the move from JBL & Blaupunkt

These 2 portable wireless speakers offer a choice of size and  big names
May 6 2019: Portable Bluetooth speakers  come in a wide spectrum of  sizes and price. We  got to try  two recent launches,  each from  a reputed global brand  and each  serving its particular niche audience.
JBL Go+: I, me and myself
Now part of the Samsung-owned Harman brand, JBL Go+ is a truly handy speaker and fits snuggly in your palm. Yet it is a little dynamo of clear sound,  belting out 3 watts and  some 5 hours of music on a full charge of its batteries.  The speakers have some noise cancelling features that are useful if you are   taking a phone call. I'm guessing  its size is made for personal use,  not for parties.
This featherweight  (200 gm) speaker comes in a durable fabric skin and  while the original price is Rs 2799, I could see it on e-biz sites for almost Rs 1000 less.

Blaupunkt BT-100: Join the party
The BT-100 from German audio specialist  Blaupunkt,  seems aimed at small parties with eclectic tastes: hence the choice of music sources:  Bluetooth devices,  32 GB SD card,  AUX cable and when nothing is available, FM radio.  The sound  of the 6W x 6W speakers   is  deep with good  bass and  the battery is good for 8-10 hours.
Sensibly encases in water proof  casing,   for poolside parties which tend to get wet, the Blaupunkt  BT - 100 is priced Rs 2,999 -- but  online discounts will knock off  Rs 500 or so.