Mobiistar X1 Notch is a shiny disco phone

28th January 2019
Mobiistar X1 Notch is a shiny disco phone

 The new release from Mobiistar is blingy, bold and bright
Bangalore, January 28 2019: Vietnam has its bling game on point.   In one of its budget airlines, the  cabin crew is known to occasionally  break out into  bikinis.  And now, a  Vietnamese  mobile phone maker, has created the blingiest phone ever. You can walk into a club holding the Mobiistar X1 Notch  and can ask the management to switch off the strobe and disco lights. Just pull the device out of your pocket, flash it around, and your party is on! I'm joking, but you get the idea.
Let's put things in perspective.   Imagine the dancing water fountains of Dubai, the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers lit up for New Year's eve, and Christmas lighting on Times Square. Imagine you are the design engineer for a Mobiistar and these three scenarios are your design brief. The X1 Notch is a perfect recreation of the design brief. What really does it for the device is the shiny curved glass design with dual colour glass back. Available in Gradient Shine, Midnight Black and Sapphire Blue colours, the 5.7 inches device has the gradient colours running all through the back, the sides, including the buttons, top and bottom. This is a refreshing change from so called dual tone phones where the gradient is restricted to the back panel.
Powered by a 3030 mAh battery, the X1 Notch comes in a 13 MP + 13 MP camera configuration. Both the front and back cameras are optimized for landscape shooting and selfie shots respectively. The notch full screen display means a fairly elongated notch but one that packs in the camera module and the microphone without being intrusive to screen viewing. The dual VoLTE device comes with support for face and fingerprint unlock. Available in two memory variants the Mobiistar X1 Notch is priced at Rs. 8,499 (2 GB + 16 GB), and Rs. 9,499 (3 GB + 32 GB) respectively. The X1 Notch is a cute little device for you to carry and flaunt.  Buy it if you like your devices bold and eye-catching. VISHNU ANAND