Targus Quad USB Travel charger is for the frequent traveller

This quad USB charger has plugs for all countries

Bangalore, September 24 2018: You land in a  foreign country, proceed to your hotel and   rush to  charge your phone or tablet. That's when you discover, that your charger pin doesn't fit the wall socket.  So, frantic calls to housekeeping to find you an adapter.

You can save this all-too-common hassle with the TurboQuad USBTravel Charger from  well-known travel accessories brand, Targus. It has four  smart USB slots which adjust to the   exact charge required by each device. The total 4.8 A capacity can charge on all  four slots at the same time.

More usefully, the makers have provided  5 different AC plugs that work to all global  pin standards including, US, European, Far East, UK, Australian and Indian. At least one of them will suit the system, wherever you are. Everything comes in a nice travel pouch. Rs 2799 buys you this peace of mind