Sony Bravia A9F OLED TV: Exemplary Android 8 TV

24th September 2018
Sony Bravia A9F OLED TV: Exemplary Android 8 TV

TVs  today,  need to reproduce picture and sound in a movie, exactly the way the director created
Bangalore, September 24 2018: When  creative geniuses makes a masterpiece movie or a documentary, they pay attention to detail, from the roaring sound of the volcano,  to the colour combo of brown and red of the  the sound of the lava, perfectly mastered to make you imagine it's  flowing into your own living room.  These may impress on the big screen -- but  a lot of the detail get lost  when seen on a television set,  which today is  the final frontier, to broadcast cinematic content.  But small screen viewers have become more demanding and TV manufacturers are having to  take  picture and sound fidelity seriously. Just claiming 4K resolution is not enough.
The recently launched Sony Bravia A9F OLED TV addresses this challenge with technology. The TV features  Sony's X1 Ultimate 4K HDR processor which detects each tiny element  in an image, analyzes it in real-time  to provide detail and accurate colour. To put it in dummies terms, instead of processing the image of a bunch of grapes for colour, the X1 Ultimate processes each grape in the bunch separately, for  sharper detailing.
On the sound front, the A9F supplements the conventional sound system with an additional actuator right behind the middle of the screen. In total, the TV pumps out audio from 3 actuators and 2 sub-woofers, to create an immersive viewing experience.  They call it the Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology. 
When you are watching the 9 o'clock new channels with half a dozen people shouting simultaneously, all this up-scaling may seem wasted. But if your viewing choice includes  that rare  combo of great  audio visual content, that Oscar-quality movie, the roar of the lion as it seems to jump out of the screen, will come straight from the jaws and not some obscure corner of your TV!
The A9F offers the  TV version of  Android  8.0 Oreo OS,  with hands-free voice search.  You can also get into Netflix with a single button. The 55-inch Sony Bravia A9F is priced at Rs. 3,99,990 while the 65 -inch variant comes at Rs. 5,59,990, and they are  early premium products  for the upcoming festive season