Moto e5 plus is 'Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!'

If  hand phones had  voices,  how would they describe themselves? We like to think the Moto e5 plus would say, like  Vidya Balan: "Mai entertainment hoon!"

Bangalore, July 23 2018: Our smartphone usage patterns are rapidly evolving. Fueled by ultra low data charges and devices that are tailored for optimized multimedia experience, our relationship with the smartphone is dangerously intimate. Having said that, there has also been an unprecedented boom in the content that is optimized for  smartphone consumption.  From games to videos to interactive apps,  the handphone is today's preferred screen. Device manufacturers  are taking a holistic view of entertainment on a smartphone. Motorola breaks this down into performance, battery life, sound and visuals -- the four  musts  for a phone born to  entertain!  VISHNU  ANAND