Targus Universal Type C docking station is One-for-all connection solution

Bangalore, July 23 2018: Like the  motto of The Three Musketeers, " One for all, all for one", the new docking station from Targus,  to link your laptop or PC to virtually any peripheral -- keyboard, mouse, broadband internet, projector,  card reader,  TV or display, external speakers or hard disk.

It does this by provided a variety of ports: VGA display, HDMI  and HDMI mini, Type  C USB,  Type 2 USB 3.0 and gigabit ethernet. It also enables  "power pass through", which  means the USB connection can pass data even as it carries power.  It needs installation  with either Windows or MacOS  and its own input cable sits nicely  in a recessed slot  for transport. Just one  catch -- it connects  with  a Type C USB cable only. So if your laptop is an older model, you need to get an adapter. I wish they had thrown one in, free!

 The Targus Type C Universal Docking station costs  Rs  9999 --  a life saver if you are a professional who  travels and needs to make presentations  on multiple screens.  ANAND PARTHASARATHY