Netgear's Nighthawk Wifi Router is made for pro-gamers

02nd July 2018
Netgear's Nighthawk Wifi Router is made for pro-gamers

Bangalore, July 2 2018: We've heard of gaming PC and laptop;  gaming mouse and keyboard... all optimised for hard core gamers to eke out that extra millisecond of advantage. But a gaming router?  That's a new one for us!  
How do you  optimize a  WiFi router just for  professional games playing?  Well let us count the ways, that the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 does it:
It  leverages the multi user MIMO  technology and the dual bands of the 802.11ac network to combine the bandwidth of four streams ( from 4 antennas) into a single zippy connection to the gamer's laptop or PC.  |
It allows the user to  set priorities -- ensuring the gamer has first call on available bandwidth  and  does not have to queue with other devices.  It provides  a dashboard which tells you in real time, how much bandwidth you are using and how you are stretching your processor. 
The router itself has 512 MB of RAM and 256 MB of flash to manage its housekeeping. And you can select the best among available servers of the broadband provider. All this to ensure : Jo jeeta wohi sikander.  
Rs 23,000 is the asking price.  Gamers may consider it a reasonable price for victory.