Alcatel A3 10 tablet proves that Big is Beautiful

25th June 2018
Alcatel A3 10 tablet proves that Big is Beautiful

The latest  variant of Alcatel's 10-inch tablet takes a 4G VoLTE SIM
Bangalore, June 25 2018: For  reasons that I have been unable to fathom, most new tablets in the market seem to come in the 7 or 8 inch size. When large mobile phones touch 6.5 inch, I would have thought  tablets needed to be significantly larger to differentiate themselves from phones.  At least one maker  thinks like me! Alcatel has been offering tablets  sized 10 inches for some time -- almost as big as a notebook PC.
The latest variant of its A3 10 tablet has beefed up its specifications in multiple ways.  The memory is now 3 GB and the onboard storage is 32 GB, expandable   with another 128 GB micro SD card. Tablets with two cameras are a rarity -- and Alcatel has improved its twin clickers to  an 8 MP rear and a 5 MKP selfie camera. The device runs Android 7.0. The dual speakers are good news, because under-powered sound  usually means you need to carry an external speaker or  a headset to watch movies.  
Speaking of movies, I am a bit disappointed that the display  ( 1280 by 800 pixels) is not full HD. The 10-inch screen makes this very convenient to watch video -- and these days a lot of free HD or 4K content is there for the asking at YouTube.
What  clinches  a  purchase decision for me is the fact that the A3 10 (32 GB) takes a 4G VoLTE  micro SIM.  Rare to find tablet  makers bothering to include VoLTE -- but this will enable users to get very good data deals and remain always connected to the Internet. In fact  Reliance Jio, which is exclusively VoLTE, is offering a bundled deal with this device that retails at Rs 11,999  at Flipkart. ANAND PARTHASARATHY