Mobiistar XQ dual & CQ:Twinkle, Twinkle, Selfie Star!

28th May 2018
Mobiistar XQ dual & CQ:Twinkle, Twinkle,  Selfie Star!
Mobiistar CQ

Mobiistar from Vietnam is the latest brand to bring its selfie phones to India
Bangalore, May 28 2018: Move over, China. Vietnam is here! If you thought the Indian smart phone market was taken over by the Chinese, think again. Vietnam has made a humble yet impressive debut with Mobiistar coming to India with  a  duo of  affordable selfie smart phones.
The smart phone market in India  has assumed  a  pyramid structure,  with  some  15  odd companies dedicated to flagship devices that cost in excess of Rs. 40,000. Then comes the mid-range segment where 15-plus players operate in the Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 25,000 range  and finally the sub-Rs. 10,000 segment that so far had seen lesser players, but now a lot of new brands are taking seriously. Mobiistar is one of them.
The brand has entered India with two devices from its Selfie Star series -- the XQ Dual  and the CQ. The first one comes in a 3 GB + 32GB memory configuration, and a 13 MP + 8 MP dual front camera along with a 13 MP rear camera. The 5.5 inches Full HD display sits snugly on the frame making the device lightweight and easy to hold. The CQ, on the other hand, comes in a 2 GB + 16 GB memory configuration, and an 8 MP back, 13 MP front camera. This device comes with a triple SIM slot, and a 5-inch HD display. The XQ Dual  and CQ are powered by Snapdragon 430 and 425 processors respectively.
Mobiistar, at least for now,  stick with the basics , without trying too many frills. For instance, the devices come with display screens with the 16:9 aspect ratio and a UI experience which is very close to that of stock Android. Design-wise as well,  it hasn't tried to do anything spectacular, no colour changing back panels and aviation grade metal! But the camera performance is pretty good, and the brand has consciously focussed on group selfie enhancements and better low-light performance thanks to its innovative star light feature. 
 ViLTE phone
What truly sets Mobiistar's devices apart,  is the fact that they come equipped with not just VoLTE but also ViLTE, which is  new the standard for video over LTE.  XQ Dual and CQ are probably the first devices to launch ViLTE devices in India, at least in this price range.  It  allows you to  make  lag-free and better quality video and group video calls. The devices are prices at Rs. 7,999 and Rs. 4,999 respectively. With  the bundle of features they offer, and the fact that they are ViLTE-enabled, Mobiistar   has made an impressive debut in India.     VISHNU ANAND