Supersonic power for your hair!

25th February 2018
Supersonic power for your hair!

Vishnu Anand
Bangalore, February 25 2018: Why would you need supersonic technology in something as simple  as a  hair dryer? Here's why: The biggest challenge in hair dryer technology is the high temperatures that regular hair dryers generate, damaging your hair permanently. Also, the air flow in hair dryers often ends up differentially drying your hair, making it look quite messy, especially in Indian weather conditions, that range from humid to shivering cold to impossibly warm.  
Launched in India this month, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer comes with a patented digital motor V9, the company's  lightest and smallest, which spins 104,000 times in a minute -- that's ten times faster than a jet engine. While  most hair dryers position the motor in the head of the device, the small size of Dyson's motor allows it to be placed in the handle, making the device lightweight and easy to hold. The hair dryer exploits Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology by which the volume of  air drawn into the motor is amplified  three -fold  to produce a high pressure, high velocity jet of air. Engineers tested many thousands of strands of hair of various types  -- totaling over 1600 kms --  to fine-tune the  product. Clever design of the impeller blades ensured that the whirring sound of the motor was  mostly pushed beyond the human hearing range.  We took a look at the dryer and can vouch for the fact that it is indeed a piece of engineering that does justice to all the money you've spent (or intend to spend) on perfecting your hair.  Three heat settings and three air flow settings ensure that you can  do both drying and precise hair  styling.
The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer comes at an asking price of Rs. 27,900 and for Rs  3000 more,  is  available in a limited edition tan leather gift box designed by James Dyson, the British inventor extraordinary who has just entered the Indian market, with  two more products a cord-free vacuum cleaner and an air purifier. Available at Amazon  or .