Samsung earphones for all tastes

05th February 2018
Samsung earphones  for all tastes

Some like  to hear everything. Others like to shut out noise. Samsung caters to both users
Bangalore, February 5 2018: Have you noticed how many of the big mobile phone brands, no longer bundle a free pair of earphones with the handset? Inspite of charging Rs 30,00  and more, they make you buy  this key accessory separately.
Samsung while offering ear bud-type phones with  most of its handsets, still sells a range of earphones with  added value features. They have a basic in-ear Rectangle Design  Headphone with 3 buttons -- Volume up, Volume down, Play/Pause  -- and a 10 mm-8 mm  woofer-tweeter combo for  Rs 1899.
For  a more active lifestyle, they offer  a wireless Bluetooth model, the Level Active, which is good for jogging and suchlike, because it comes with a hook that  clips  behind your ear and ensures it doesn't fall off. The  earphones can be synced to  Samsung's health app  to keep track of workouts  and the 100 mAh battery is good for about 5-6 hours of talk.  The in-ear tips sit snuggly and the whole thing is reasonably water proof.  It costs Rs 4999.
Like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, we now have good sound and bad sound. Good sound is what you like to hear --like music.  Bad sound is the ambient noise of your surroundings creeping in.   Active noise cancelling or ANC  cuts this  unwanted sound by creating an equal and opposite sound (mathematically) to neutralize  it. Samsung's Level In ANC   earphones do  this rather well,  cutting off almost 90% of the outside noise.  You can, however,  allow a little of this to  trickle in -- it can be useful in traffic.  And three sizes of  ear tips means at least one will fit snuggly.  Good value at Rs  3799  keeping in mind this is a  wired model.  As Simon and Garfunkel sang,  "Don't disturb the Sound of Silence"! -ANAND PARTHASARATHY