Acer's Richard Tan and the "Liquid" smart hand held
Acerís Liquid smart phone: Android+Snapdragon combo

Acer has brought to India its latest smart phone – Liquid – the first which combines Google’s Android operating system and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor platform. The result is as close as we have got so far, to what we might as well call a “Google Phone”. The large 3.5 inch high definition touch screen display can be customised for the owner’s comfort – but all the Google goodies are there by default, unless you choose to drag and drop them out of the screen: Android browser, Gmail client, GTalk chat, GoogleMaps, You Tube video, Picasa picture management, as well as popular apps like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Snapdragon is known for fast processing and modest power demand – so the device is able to offer 3.5 G speeds as well as WiFI. Weighing just 135 grams, the Liquid comes with GPS and a 5 megapixel camera as well as a 2GB micro SD card which you can expand.

Acer on its part has thrown in “Spinlets” a free music and video streaming service from international catalogues – as well as urFooz, an avatar creation tool which lets you create a look alike and post it simultaneously on multiple social networks.

Richard Tan, Manager for Asia-Pacific and Country Head for the Smart Handheld business in India, agrees that for heavy streaming or downloads, it would make more sense to exploit a WiFi hotspot rather depending on the broadband speeds currently available in most parts of India. But that is set to change – and we do believe those who pay Rs 24,900 for the Liquid, will get is  true value after a few months when  true 3G speeds are available across India.

Jan 29 2010