Ultimate Ears MegaBoom Bluetooth speaker is a blast!

18th December 2017
Ultimate Ears  MegaBoom Bluetooth speaker is a blast!
Speak your music choice to the Megaboom Blast

Megaboom  provides  the  biggest blast in the Ultimate Ears  speaker range
December 18 2017: The California (US)-based Ultimate Ears is a respected name for Bluetooth speakers and their products are a special favourite for outdoor parties that might get a wee wet-n-wild.  That is because their speakers come covered in water proof material with all the ports covered with  rubber seals. The new model that has just reached India, is the biggest so far in the UE range and unlike the familiar discus-shaped UE Roll, the MegaBoom   is a 9-inch tall cylinder  and not exactly portable.
Perhaps for this reason,  it belts out louder music ( some 90 dbA) through its twin 2 inch drivers and  twin passive radiators.  At just under 900 grams, it can sit sturdily, poolside -- and even if dunked in  one metre of  water for half an hour , it continues playing.  Charging is via a micro USB cable and mains plug provided --and as usual for this brand, it comes with a mobile app for Android and iOS device. What is new, is that you can harness the Siri or Google voice assistant and speak to the speaker,  mouthing your music selection. 
Volume controls are very easy -- large plus and minus signs on the body  and a cool new feature, is that you can tap the top of the speaker to play or pause the music.  The larger body means a bigger battery that lasts for  a promised 20 hours.   It can be daisy-chained, via Bluetooth,   to multiple UE speaker units.... creating a  wide audio network  across large spaces. The MegaBoom costs Rs 19,995  and fans of the  brand will  not grudge the asking price for its  sturdy build and solid sound. ANAND PARTHASARATHY