Big screen @home

Bangalore, October  24 2017: Epson's EH-TW8300 projector goes as far as the company's  3-LCD digital  light engine coupled with a strong 2500 lumen bulb, can take you in a home theatre  environment.  This seems aimed at those who having  enjoyed a cricket match or a movie on a 65 inch  LED flat screen TV,  still say 'gimme more'! It  lets them to   triple the size of the  screen without degrading quality because  the projector is rated for full HD  that can be enhanced to  4K quality.  

It can also display 3-D, converting from 2-D if required, though that would obviously be a lesser experience ( a pair of 3-D glasses are provided). With the cables provided means  you can hook up from most sources including HDMI.  Ten presets  for zoom and focus ensure that even the dummies among us, can  get the combo right. 

At around 11 kg, I could just about manage to shift the 8300, but I am guessing those spend Rs 2.41 lakh on buying it, will  give it a fixed home or attach to the ceiling, using the remote to control it.   You can't  get a  standard TV  anywhere near this size image, so that might be the clinching argument for buyers.