New aspect ratio....
Mi mix 2 the new normal

New Xiaomi  flagship, turns the  smart phone on its head -- literally!

October23 2017: Sometimes we just don't question enough. Over the years, so many things have remained the same, because no one thought  differently or explored possibilities that  were slightly different from 'normal'. But when  someone  did -- the results have been eye openers. Look at this scenario for smart phones.

For years now, we've been using smart phones of different screen sizes -- 4.8 inches, 5 inches, 5.5 inches, each one of them had the same 16:9 aspect ratio. Xiaomi decided to change things and became one of the first companies to try out an 18:9 aspect ratio. This was so shocking  that Google's Android team  refused, for a few months, to change their OS configurations. Ultimately, Xiaomi won the race and today, we have a smart phone  -- Mi Mix 2 --at has 12.5% more display area in the same frame. The company then went all out with  a design which was full screen –literally—on the front. To achieve this, Xiaomi created a design where the earpiece is discreetly hidden,  with the proximity sensor  at the top of the phone. The camera module has been pushed to the bottom right of the device and unless you have extra sensory vision, you will never be able to spot the front camera. And  for an optimized selfie experience, you can turn the device upside down!

The 7.7 mm thick device is made out of four-sided scratch-resistant curved ceramic, resulting in superior hand-feel and a premium look.  Powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with a 6GB + 128GB configuration, the device comes with a Sony IMX386 camera sensor at the back, in a 12 MP back + 5 MP front camera configuration.

With a rear fingerprint sensor, and global LTE support, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, is  marvel that is transforming smart phone design and performance. It costs  Rs. 35,999, and is currently available online and offline. Vishnu Anand