SanDisk Extreme Pro: Zippy new memory card for hard core digital SLR professionals

19th December 2009
SanDisk Extreme Pro: Zippy new memory card for hard core digital  SLR professionals
SanDisk India’s Krish Mahalingam, demonstrates the speedy performance of a digital camera with an Extreme Pro CompactFlash card inside ( IndiaTechOnline photo)

SanDisk has launched in India, what is arguably the world's fastest high capacity memory card for digital cameras: the new Extreme Pro Compact Flash card uses a propietary Power Core Controller and algorithm to achieve read/write speeds of up to 90 MBPS.
In a dramatic demonstration at the Bangalore launch of the Extreme Pro series, Krish Mahalingam, Senior Manager and Group Head, Applications Engineering, SanDisk India, shot off a burst of 20 exposures using a Canon 5D Mk II digital SLR, first with a SanDisk Ultra II compact flash card as the memory and then repeated the sequence using an Extreme Pro card. The latter cut the time for the 20-shot sequence to less than a third of the time taken by the Ultra II.
The 90 MBPS Extreme Pro comes in three sizes, 16, 32 and 64 GB with prices ranging from Rs 17,499 to Rs 57,999. In comparison the SanDisk Extreme ( 60 MBPS) costs between Rs 5,499 to Rs 16,499 for the available sizes, 8, 16 and 32 GB.
Almost Rs 60,000 for the memory card alone you might wonder! But if you are a top notch fashion or advertisement photographer and your agency has paid a million rupees to get the services of a Bollywood super star or an international supermodel, you want to get in a few hundred shots in the limited time you have with such a pricey asset -- and the cost of a memory card that doen't but a brake on your creative burst might seem like a minor consideration.

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