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Digilog MiFi 4G router...4G hotspot in your hand

Bangalore, February 5 2017: Smartlink Network Systems, develops  its products in India and manufactures them in Goa.  Its Digisol brand  has launched a wireless 4G Mi-Fi Broadband router,  DG-HR1070MSE. 

Smaller than any  phone,  the  router has a rechargeable 2000mAh Li-polymer  battery  and a  Micro SD card slot for storage up to 64GB. It  supports the  currently fastest  4G  LTE bands  and while it should work with most Indian SIMS, I would  confirm whether a specific make works -- as Indian providers  have purchased new 4G spectrum recently and may switch bands. The router works to 802.11n standards  and  can connect with up to 10  devices.This means you can also use it while at home though the range  will be less than what a bigger router can achieve.

Setting up in a cinch.  All the software is built in, so it will  sync with your phone, tablet or PC with a simple press of the WPS  button on the router. It costs Rs 5200  and is an ideal travel companion for the connected age.


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Digilog MiFi 4G router...4G hotspot in your hand
by Mohan on February  06,  2017
  "Full specific& Details sent this mail id"
Digilog MiFi 4G router...4G hotspot in your hand
by Bubbi on March  13,  2017
  "True advice is you don't need most of that stuff you pack away. When you get to your new place you'll want to start anew. Just write in big letters in what room each box belongs. You can always decide later not to open it but it is a pain not knowing where ylgeneral;9' all your stuff is! Good luck! W.C.C."