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Portronics Yogg X, SLIM FIT

Bangalore, January 4  2016: It’s that time of the year where everyone is thinking about their New Year resolutions. And for majority of people it would be to start a fitness regime to get back in shape. Here’s when a wearable device comes handy, as it not only keeps a tab on your daily activities but also helps you stay motivated.  Portronics recently expanded its wellness series  with the Yogg X smart watch cum fitness tracker.Bangalore

Weighing just 20 grams, it comfortably wraps around your wrist. If you are someone who likes to wear a  fitness tracker 24x7 this one is ideal.  It also comes with  a water resistance body.

The device  has a detachable dial and changeable straps. The OLED touch screen displays time, number of steps taken, calorie count, heart-rate, battery status, sleep pattern, etc.  You can awaken the screen with a single tap.  The interface was less intuitive and needed a hard tap to access other functions like calorie count or heart rate.

To remind you about fitness activities for the day, the device also allows you to set six reminders. The tracker will silently vibrate on your arm to alert you about the particular activity.

Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, you can connect this device to your smart phone and access your social media and other phone notifications.  The ‘Yogg X’ app is also available for download for Android and iOS users.

For charging, the device comes with a charging pod and a micro-USB cable. The 55mAh battery is claimed to  last up to five days. Yogg X is now available for Rs. 2,499 across online and offline stores in India.


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Portronics Yogg X, SLIM FIT
by Latrice on March  13,  2017
  "Thank you Charlene. I actually did this painting a couple of months ago and just found it again. I am going to work absttacrly for my next few paintings. It was finding this painting again that sparked the poem."
Portronics Yogg X, SLIM FIT
by Tony on February  10,  2019
  "Hi guys Over the past year, fitness has turned my life around completely. I am now happily engaged to my fiancee Ruth and we have an amazing life. I would like to give back to the community and inspire others, especially those who suffer from depression, low self-esteem and health problems. In response to this concern, I have decided to devote over 1 month to writing a monster fitness guide for beginners which I would like to get published on your blog. I am sure that people will enjoy reading my tips and experiences. I have saved the guide on my Google drive: I am sorry but I did not have time to put together some images so it would be good if you could add some. I have included a blurb about myself that you can add to the post. Have an awesome day! Tony P.S. I really hope that you will like my guide as I have spent a hell of a lot of time in writing it :)"