Honor 8 is a Sunscreen Smartphone!

24th October 2016
 Honor 8 is a  Sunscreen Smartphone!

The Honor 8 comes with eye care technology, 4-level fingerprint security, and allows knuckle-screenshots
Bangalore, October 24 2016: Honor, from the house of Huawei, has been launching smart phones  every year and with each release, there are  interesting enhancements. A lot of these flow from the Huawei R&D centre in Bangalore. The Honor 8, , brings three interesting innovations that are bound to excite desi sentiments.
We are a country close enough to the equator to have longer summers and negligibly short winters. Blessed with its own share of sunshine through the year, a lot of smart phone users in this country constantly have to strain their eyes if they happen to operate their devices in the middle of the day. Huawei seems to have solved that problem. The Honor 8 features a display screen which acts as a sunscreen of sorts. By incorporating special eye-care technology, the Honor 8 is able to auto-adjust 30 colour temperatures. This means the  screen senses heavy sunlight and adjusts your screen brightness for both images and text, without you having to blink and possibly get a headache.
Speaking of the display screen, the Honor 8 allows knuckle operations, something that was introduced last year by Huawei but finds interesting use with this device. If you wish to take a screenshot, you simply have to select the area with your knuckles and your shot is ready. With the Honor 8, you can also write 'M' with your knuckles to play music or 'C' to open the camera.
What makes the  5.2 inch-full HD Honor 8 stand out,  is its combination of glass and metal in design. The device is able to accommodate two camera lenses and a fingerprint scanner at the back, while keeping the back panel completely flat and bump-free. The fingerprint sensor too, comes with multi-ridged recognition that provides 4 levels of access security.
The two camera lenses produce good images, with one lens dedicated for RGB colours and the other for monochrome. The 12 MP device (with a 8MP front camera) runs on Android 6 and is powered by a 3000 mAh battery. Huawei  maintains it  is not the mAh count that defines battery life, but how each unit within the battery operates efficiently.  The 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage expandable to 128 GB is fairly standard.
Considering the interesting package of innovations, we believe the Honor 8 is a good buy at Rs. 29,999. Pick up the Sapphire Blue variant if you want a refreshing change from the boring whites and blacks. Vishnu Anand