Smartron tphone
Smartron launches its first made in India handset, the tphone

Smartron's  first 'made in India' flagship phone  has some  interesting value additions

Bangalore, May 23 2016: Bright colours, lightweight, unlimited storage -- there are a lot about  Hyderabad-based  Smartron's tphone that is aimed at  quintessentially Indian tastes.  The device comes with dual-tone colours in 4 options - Steel Blue, Metallic Print, Sunrise Orange and Classic Grey, in an almost 80:20 ratio to black on the back panel.

Powered by the Snapdragon 810 Octa-core processor, the tphone ships with a fast charging 3000mAh battery. With a 5.5 inches 1080p full HD screen,  it  weighs just under 150 grams.  An interesting element is the 'Apical Assertive Display' technology that offers better screen viewing capabilities in sunlight. While other phones simply increase the backlight of the screen when the device is in the sun, the tphone maintains similar brightness but makes the images sharper with increased contrast. Besides saving power, this feature also ensures better readability of text in heavy sunlight.|

The dual-SIM (micro+nano) phone comes with a  the new Type C  USB charger jack. The sports a 13MP back and 4 MP front camera with a 6 element lens. Another nice  feature is in-built noise cancellation,  that masks ambient disturbances and provides clearer sound.

Smartron has added an innovative feature:  The company's service offering,  tcare, comes as a pre-installed app in the device that connects you to a service engineer, who (with your permission, of course) remotely connects to your system, identifies the issue and fixes it online. Smartron guarantees that the entire process is completely secure, so your personal data stays put in your device. It believes that 80% of consumer issues do not require them to get the device to a service centre.

The tphone comes free with a subscription to the tcloud, Smartron's cloud storage service that allows you to extend your phone's physical memory and store files in your own little space on the cloud. You have the flexibility to move these files to and from the device whenever you feel like. This is something  cost-conscious Indians   will appreciate. 

Smartron's first smartphone offering is flagship material.  The  all- desi offering,   fully designed and engineered in India  is built to create value and build a fan base. Priced at Rs. 22,999, the tphone is currently available in at  and later  in neighbourhood mobile stores.-  Vishnu Anand