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Made-in-India powerbank
Ambrane P-1122: Indian Bank!

Bangalore, May 2 2016: Power banks have become must-have accessories  for mobile phone owners.   But many users  carry multiple devices when they  travel, phone, tablet, music player, e-book reader...  Ambrane's latest powerbank, the P-1122 meets such needs.

This is a  designed and made-India  powerbank with 10,000 mAh capacity and no less than three USB outputs which can be used to charge three devices simultaneously.  The Lithium-ion device  comes with short circuit and over discharge protection.

 It includes a  bright  4-LED torch which is switched on and off with a double click  and swivels out if you want light at an angle (it worked very well as a reading lamp, when stood up!).

At Rs 799 this is good value and the 320 gram weight is  not excessive for the "juice" it stores.


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Ambrane P-1122: Indian Bank!
by Jenay on March  13,  2017
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