Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone headphones: aimed at gamers

March 22 2016: A brand  better known for   storage and memory  solutions, Kingston has forayed into audio with the HyperX range of  headsets.  The latest to reach India is the   HyperX Cloud Drone which is a mite cheaper than earlier models in the series, sacrificing  somewhat  on the driver   but offering the same combo of comfort and good  audio range.  It works with   games platforms  like XBox One, PS4, WiiU as well as PC and Mac.

The volume control is conveniently placed on the ear cup and  you don't have to search for it on the  cable.   The mike has a useful feature,  if you swivel it away from your face, it mutes.  

Hard core gamers don't like to risk even momentary signal drops that happen with wireless Bluetooth devices, which is why they prefer the wired headphone option, even at the loss of some mobility. 

The Cloud Drone has an MRP of Rs 3999. But search well on the Web and you could knock off at least a thousand rupees.