Intex FitRist is also purse-fit!
Intex FitRist: Affordable health band

March 21, 2016:  With so many health wearables on offer today, buyers have a problem of plenty. But  most of them flaunt their pedigree and seem to say: 'We're the cool brand, so pay more to wear us!'  But  seriously, we're not taking something recognizable like Rolex.   Health tracker bands look pretty much the same  and I  for one would balk at paying more just to sport a name no one can see anyway. Which is why the Intex FitRist will   also seem like purse-fit for many of us  whose dad is not our ATM.

Working with any version of OS that is Android 4.3 or iOS 7 -- or later  and at least  Bluetooth 4.0, FitRist offers all the standard fitness features -- step monitoring, distance log, calorie counter, sleep monitoring -- as well as  syncing with your phone to alert you to incoming calls/ SMS and accessing the music you have in store.    If you have misplaced your phone, you can locate it with FitRist.  Within effective Bluetooth distance, the phone will ring at  regular  intervals till you  find it..

One neat feature, is the ability to  click pix on your mobile camera from your band:  Long-press the camera icon to click the image. . The battery  claims to last for 12 days. The OLED display  is visible even in bright ambient light.  At Rs 999, this is one of the most affordable health bands with this feature set. -- Anand Parthasarathy