D-Link Connected home products: Home sweet, smart, home

21st December 2015
D-Link Connected home products: Home sweet, smart, home

D-Link's connected home products  work with your smart phone and home WiFi
Bangalore, December 21 2015: Taiwan-headquartered  D-Link  has  brought to India, a  suite of products  which together update  a cliched old saying for a  new, Connected Age: Home  sweet, ( smart & secure),  home!   In these days of heightened  vulnerability, they  offer a nice combo of safety  and convenience. All are  wireless devices  and latch on to your home WiFi  network, at the press of a button -- so it is literally a dummy's job to get  them up and working.All the devices  can be controlled and  made to work with each other, by  installing  the mydlink app   (Android   or iOS on your smart phone
The devices  I have  tried out are:
WiFi Motion Sensor ( DCH-S150)  which  detects motion in or around your home  up to 8 metres away and inan arc of 100 degrees.   You have to plug the device to an electrical outlet  and push a button which detects and links the sensor to your WiFi router.  Once active, it  sends notifications to your phone if it detects any movement.( Rs 3749)
WiFi  SmartPlug (DSP-W215) controls the  power supply to any electrically operated  equipment in the home.  You can  control when  heating or cooling kicks in; turn off lamps , TV etc when  not in use  or have your music system  or radio wake  you up.  The SmartPlug  looks like an adapter:  It plugs into a wall power socket and you plug your TV, music player or whatever into it.  Once you link the plug to your WiFi,   mydlink  lets you control your device through the app.  It can be coupled to the motion sensor  so that  you don't get false alarms when your own people are moving around ( Rs 3749)
Cloud Camera  (DCS 933L) This is one of a range of  wireless cameras  priced around Rs 4000. Built-in  infra red  LEDS ensures that it works even in   near darkness.  You can control it from your phone,  see its images in real time  and activate  a 4x zoom. 
Baby Camera ( DCS 825)  is tailored to watch over  baby cots, but I found it was a useful combo of camera, sound and motion sensor. You can set  the camera to be triggered by temperature  levels, sound levels or movement.   It also features  2-way audio so that you can respond if baby cries. ( around Rs 10,000)
You can mix-n-match  these products ofcourse (remember  you need one smart plug for every decice you  need to control) but by my rough reckoning,  for an average apartment,   'smartening'  it will cost you  Rs 15,000 or so. Not a big price to pay  for peace of mind plus convenience!
Anand Parthasarathy